Pick Up Artist ONS

Just a quick ONS report

For a talk about this one as it slightly different to other ONS is I have experienced, of a while bowling around TT on Saturday night number closing Scandinavian’s I decided to grab one and dance

I opened with a mild basic GSF engager:
Me: Do you think I would look good in a Clit?
HBScandi: What?
Me: Do you think Good look good in a kilt?
HBScandi: Yes I like men’s legs, do you own a kilt?
Me: Yes or wear it on our next date.
HBScandi: really??
Me: if you’re lucky.

Fluff, C&F, Dance spin her show off a little.

HBScandi: Do you want a drink?
Me: about time, surprise me?
HBScandi: laughs ok.
(Smirnoff ice was brought back, her first deposits on me which I know she did not want to lose about getting the final product, me!)

Rebecca Linares

The change seated area, she lost bracelet worth £400 I asked a loss property they said call in a morning

She was unhappy and was nearly crying

I’d cheered her up

Major Kino, kclose, DeepGame talk. One hour from meeting back at her place. Tongue
Then said listen its time for us to go and then led her out to the taxi rank.
She paid for the taxi (second deposit on me)

All the way through the journey she said I think you should go home.
These were big sh*t tests, she also said to you want to f*ck me?
I said yes but I want to be your friend.

She kept saying the sentence at least 20 times even when we were back drinking top champagne in her luxury apartment in Edgware Road penthouse

I eventually caveman her, picked her up and said now I’m going to F*ck you hard, then tossed her on the bed

She did everything and so did I

In her Condom draw was 5 vibrators and furry white hand cuffs, tons of lub sachets I borrowed a couple.

Verdict: no matter how big the sh*t there is always away around it, the bigger the test the hard you fight back.

Clown to Crown


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